After all the hard work, I’ve reached the final stages of my third novel, a psychological thriller aimed at teenagers and Young Adults.  I’m trying to get together a decent synopsis – i.e. full coverage of the plot in three simple paragraphs.

Following an incident with the police in London, teen concert pianist Gavin (17) travels up to Lancashire to take part in a series of master classes for gifted musicians.  But from the start, he encounters a hostile atmosphere, along with a mysterious girl (LUCY) who seems to know his deepest secrets. 

On his first day on the course, he meets Philippa (17, one of the other musicians, and falls for her, quickly becoming obsessed.  Philippa enjoys stringing Gavin along and springing surprises on him. 

Story Plot Spoiler follows as a result of previous para.

Meanwhile, Gavin witnesses an altercation between the mysterious girl (Lucy) and a powerful businessman from the region.  Aware that he has seen something, Lucy approaches Gavin and makes a number of startling claims, drawing Gavin into danger and confusion…

Clearly is more than three paragraphs. I will need to round this off somehow, but hope the blurb-style synopsis gives enough of the story in a logical manner.

Meanwhile, my debut novel Secrets by Lawrence Estrey is available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

Check out the reviews for  Secrets.

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Local musician publishes crime thriller

EggHead by Lawrence Estrey: Questions And Answers


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