A New Blog, Creative Writing

My third wordPress blog became live this evening.

thewriterpad is devoted to short writing samples that are neither poetry nor prose, but nevertheless depend on meter and phrasing. Painting with words, perhaps?

The site will contain writings on a variety of topics.

I start with dreams.


An Encouraging Moment Along The Way

Indie authors can often feel discouraged. They have no major publishing house backing them and they have to do all the promotional work, including the selling.

This morning, I visited my local bookshop, Muswell Hill Bookshop, to pick up a couple of copies of my latest book, My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey, an autobiography. The paperback had arrived at last.

As the title suggests, the narrative centres around my musical studies and Indie career ( although pianist Ashkenazy gets a mention and I win a scholarship shortly after arriving in London, plus give lots of piano recitals).

I think I will need to do a great deal of further work in promoting this book, but seeing my own work in print today gave me an unexpected boost and I think it’s a case of just getting on with things, no matter how easy or difficult.

Meanwhile, readers in many parts of the world can now get the book online or order through major bookshops.

Till next time.

A Poetry Blog?

Words convey magic. They rhyme, some sentences sing. Changing the position of a preposition can add a poetic feel to a sentence. Having recently completed my third book ( an autobiography), I miss the act of writing on a daily basis, and wonder whether I should start a poetry blog.

I would create the blog under the same username for this blog and the sister blog MyPianoBio and would use a similar calming template for fewer distractions.

I need to give it some thought, but possibly a new blog will emerge in the summer.

Till next time.

Still Recovering…

A winter cold. This one has been particularly harsh, dampening my mood and the birthday celebrations on St Patrick’s Day. I spent most of St Patrick’s Day in bed before heading to my local pub with friends to celebrate with whisky and wine – although I felt much better in the morning.

I keep busy with work and language studies (French, German, Russian). At the moment, I’m polishing my piano repertoire with the First Polonaise by Franz Liszt.

My third book, My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey, is now available as a paperback and online. An autobiography, the book details my musical aspirations and various struggles along the way. Do consider popping over to Amazon to catch a preview on Kindle!

Snow, Cold, And A Wait

Storm EMMA has come and the temperatures have dipped. The snow has settled. Yesterday, I went to work and got back safely. The evening was freezing. The snow remains.

My latest book, an autobiography, My Musical Journey, is now available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon (US). I’m still waiting for the booksellers in the UK to stock the book. Another week or so, I expect.

My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey

A teenage boy. A piano. Aspirations and ruin.

The narrative touches on a number of topics, including gangs, post traumatic stress, and religion.

The Paperback Arrived Last Night

Well, not exactly. I came home from work at around nine last night, and the books were waiting for me in the hallway.

The proof copies of my autobiography, My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey.

Publishing can take a while. I’ve approved the book for distribution – meaning another short wait before the title appears on various bookseller sites.

In the meantime, readers can access the kindle version on amazon.

About My Musical Journey

No spoilers. The narrative touches on a number of themes, revolving around a personal journey that involves huge struggles at times, leaving the author hypothetically viewing half a glass of water (life) as half-full some days and half-empty others.

My Book’s On Kindle

Hi, I’m still waiting for the paperback copy of my book My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey, but the eBook version is now available on amazon Kindle.

The book tells my life story, paying particular emphasis to music – in particular, the piano and concert performance.

It feels strange going through the whole self-publishing process a third time, but I think it’s worth it.

Till next time.

Waiting For My New Book

Publishing often involves waiting, and I expect my latest book will be available by the end of the month. Hopefully. I always find the waiting especially difficult.

My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey tells my story as a piano player, although parts of the narrative relate to other issues.

Coming Soon!

My Musical Journey, an autobiography, tells of my attempts to throw off the past and settle for a career in music.

The paperback should be available on Amazon in about two weeks.