This year, I aim to make a professional (or semi pro) recording of my piano playing.  I’ve already done a couple of attempts and so far I’ve recorded Brahms Rhapsody op 79, the Ballade in G minor from the opus 118 set by Brahms, two Chopin studies and the Chopin fourth Ballade (incredibly difficult).

Here is the YouTube clip of Chopin’s study in A-flat, op25, no 1, otherwise known as the “Harp Study”:

The title says it all. Spring has come bringing warm weather but also high levels of pollen, and my hay fever is severe at present. Double over the counter meds, plus Piriton at night and salt water sprays.

Back soon.

An Artist’s Life

An Artist’s Life by Strauss.  My blog post isn’t so grand as the famous Viennese waltz, bur rather a brief recap of the life of an artist during the last couple of weeks.  I finished one writing project the other day and have sent out another to an editor, so it’s back to waiting.  I’m also working towards a piano recording of works by Brahms and Chopin and am enjoying learning four languages.  Four may sound a lot, but I have a particular study method involving listening and repetition as opposed to attempting to memorise long lists of vocabulary and complex grammatical rules.  On top of everything else, I’ve thought a lot about photography recently, aware that I haven’t taken any serious shots for a while.  I need to buy a new camera.

I have added Italian to my growing list of modern languages, four in all.

Learning four languages at once might sound impossible, but I do most of the studying through listening and repeating as opposed to attempting to memorise long lists of vocabulary or complex points of grammar.  To me, this seems natural.   After all, toddlers learn their native tongue through listening and repeating.

I’m using busuu, a social network site for language learning and have upgraded to the Premium option.  Excellent.

Slogging Away…

Very little to report, apart from celebrating my birthday on St Patrick’s Day yesterday.  I’m polishing the final draft of one novel and waiting to hear back on another.   Plus, the usual piano practice for a good quality recording, as well as language studies.


I’ve spent several years blogging about my writing, but little on my music.

Recently, I did a recording of piano works by Brahms and Chopin, and am waiting for the digital files to come back to me.

Here is a still image video I created several years ago using an audio of a recording of Schubert’s 4th impromptu in a-flat, op 90 no 4.


The Endless Edit

In my last post, I listed some of the pros and cons of ruthless editing a novel.  Cutting and refining strengthens the structure and plot of the work, but the constant process of changing things sometimes affects the overall quality of the writing, resulting in a loss of immediacy. 

My latest novel contains two viewpoint and I have found the female viewpoint the most difficult to bring to life.  This problem didn’t occur in my debut novel, Secrets, when I narrated some of the story through the eyes of Kaz Bradshaw (third person).  In fact, I found her viewpoint easy to bring off.  However, I’m really struggling with the female viewpoint in my latest novel.  It seems lazy in place, neither here nor there and too reported at times.  I’ve typed copious notes on the chapters in question and expect I will need several more months of work before I feel ready to send out the novel.


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