Piece Of The Day – Appassionata by Beethoven

I’m one of those people fortunate enough to have the ability to play works featured on Classic FM or Radio Three.

This morning, I enjoyed sitting at the piano and playing the Appassionata by Beethoven, the Second Ballade by Chopin, Hungarian Dances nos 1, 2 and 5 by Brahms, and the Nineteenth Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt.

The Appassionata breaks the traditional boundaries of the Sonata, developing First Movement Sonata Form and introducing the abridged second and third movements. Despite the heights of emotion present in the writing, the work remains firmly in the Classical tradition, and not Romantic.

A fulfilling morning. Tired arms and wrists. Afterwards, I headed to Coffee Republic to practise my German with a friend from Germany.


An Artist’s Life

An Artist’s Life by Strauss.  My blog post isn’t so grand as the famous Viennese waltz, bur rather a brief recap of the life of an artist during the last couple of weeks.  I finished one writing project the other day and have sent out another to an editor, so it’s back to waiting.  I’m also working towards a piano recording of works by Brahms and Chopin and am enjoying learning four languages.  Four may sound a lot, but I have a particular study method involving listening and repetition as opposed to attempting to memorise long lists of vocabulary and complex grammatical rules.  On top of everything else, I’ve thought a lot about photography recently, aware that I haven’t taken any serious shots for a while.  I need to buy a new camera.

A Change of Scenery….

I’ve spent several years blogging about my writing, but little on my music.

Recently, I did a recording of piano works by Brahms and Chopin, and am waiting for the digital files to come back to me.

Here is a still image video I created several years ago using an audio of a recording of Schubert’s 4th impromptu in a-flat, op 90 no 4.


My New Year Resolutions…

  • Do a professional recording (or near enough) of my piano playing. Works under consideration include:  the 2 Brahms Rhapsodies op 79, Liszt’s 12th Hungarian Rhapsody, Chopin’s 4th Ballade, and any four of the Chopin Etudes, including the final arpeggio study in C minor. In the past, I’ve done several online recordings and released the tracks on last.fm, but I would like to try a recording studio this time.

  • Seek editorial advice regarding my third novel, YA/teen fiction.

  • Continue my three language studies: French, German, Russian.

  • Exercise daily by brisk walking and/or hill walking.  (North London is built on steep hills!)

Just a few of my thoughts.

Music Videos by Lawrence Estrey

Most of the time, I blog about creative writing or black and white photography, but I’m also a professional musician, a classical pianist.  I got my main music degree from Dartington College of Arts in Totnes, Devon, and did piano performance studies in London.  As you will probably guess from the link, I prefer romantic composers like Chopin to classical, although I’ve performed the major Beethoven piano sonata.

Check out my videos on youtube:






Happy 2013

Wishing everyone a happy 2013. 

I’m currently working on a third novel, another psychological thriller, and my first two books (Secrets by Lawrence Estrey, EggHead by Lawrence Estrey) are available  in paperback or e-book on Amazon.

In music, I’m currently studying Beethoven’s Pathetique sonata for piano and various works by Chopin and Scriabin. 

I haven’t had much time for photography recently, but here are a couple more pictures from my black and white collection:


And, of course, I almost forgot to add – I successful gave up smoking nearly six months ago!

Piano On YouTube

I’ve just started uploading static videos (single image over an audio file) to YouTube.   The videos include piano music by Chopin and Schubert.  In each video, I am the soloist.   You can check them out here.