Beauty In Uncertainty

Life is full of uncertainty at the moment.

Still, I keep busy with creative pursuits, such as music, writing and photography.

Below, I capture a collage of photos taken in a delightful part of North London, UK, that feels truly rural and mystical.

Till next time.

A Video Interview From 2011

My good friend Andy Mackay, an award winning photographer from North London, made this short video of me in 2011.

The video opens on the subject of self-defence, presumably because I’d just written my first crime novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – and needed to have an understanding of how a bloke would react if confronted by one or more other blokes.

The content then switches to me playing the piano: 10th Nocturne by Chopin, the posthumous Nocturne in C-sharp minor, and Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin.

In between piano pieces, I share my thoughts on the Mind-Body Problem and talk about a bus journey I made through North London.

Most of the interview takes place at St James Church in Muswell Hill.

Many thanks to Andy for his excellent video skills, and to St James for providing the piano.

Busier Than Usual

I haven’t had time to blog here recently. I went back to work after an extended summer break and have an extra musical work playing jazz and light classical piano in north London.

I’m also preparing posts for a sister website blog that tells my musical story from scratch.

Plus, my language studies. And the magazine interview last week.

Till next time.

Photos In The Sun

Recently, I’ve neglected my interest in photography, concentrating instead on writing and other interests.   At the weekend, though, I got to walk a dog – a big Spaniel, of all things –  and I had a go at taking photos in Cherry Tree Wood, North London.  The sunlight, along with the intense humidity, didn’t help really, but I managed to find about three or four suitable images and I worked on these in the photo editing software, GIMP. 

As usual, I’ve included a black and white image.  I have a keen interest in black and white photography and use a method that involves working on the original image in grayscale and adjusting the Levels, Contrast and Brightness.

cherrytreeone cherrytreetwocherrytreebwone