A Summer Soiree, Piano

Tonight, I will perform an informal recital in a private setting close to where I live.  This is the programme:

Chopin: Nocturne in F minor

Nocturne in E minor

waltz in C sharp minor


Hungarian Dances 1, 2, and 4




Wedding Day at Troldhaugen

Scott Joplin:

Maple Leaf Rag


Hungarian Rhapsody no 19


Liszt – His Nineteenth Hungarian Rhapsody

Currently, learning (polishing) Liszt’s Nineteenth Hungarian Rhapsody with a view to including it on a CD project of piano music I have planned. Liszt wrote a set of nineteen Hungarian Rhapsodies, some of which are well-known – for instance, number 2 and number 12.

The Nineteenth rhapsody, written in 1885, starts with a sombre, march-like triplet motif that seems almost ambiguous at first – compare to the more defined openings of Rhapsodies nos 2 and 12. After a brief section of rapid movement, the music settles into a clear Hungarian melodic style, reminiscent of the earlier Rhapsodies. The Lassan ends. Next comes the fast section, the Friska, which eventually results in a semi-cadenza, bringing the work to a bravo!-type finish.

Can’t wait to perform or record it.

Hectic Times

A very busy couple of weeks. I’m polishing the remaining third of my second novel, a psychological thriller, and am waiting to hear back from an editor on the first, same genre.

Meanwhile, I gave a piano recital a couple of weeks ago with works by Chopin, Mozart and Liszt. Received more than £200.  Not bad going, but doesn’t compare with the hundreds/thousands some artists get. I’m currently working towards another recital and learning three of the Chopin nocturnes.

Not much time for photography.

Today’s Piano Practice: Brahms And Chopin

I had a mammoth session at the grand piano this morning…the second Brahms Rhapsody from opus 79, the Brahms G minor Ballade from opus 118, Chopin’s third Ballade, and four of the Chopin Preludes, including the “gallop” prelude in G sharp minor.  I worked on various aspects of piano technique – lightness of touch, bravura.

Yesterday, I spent some time on the twelfth Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt – a war-horse.

The New Year, And Another Day of Snow In London

Another Day Of Snow: North London
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Chaos…I went back to my usual job as a self-employed musician yesterday but I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow.

Apparently, the snow will turn to ice in the next few days, making travel to work hazardous.


Current Piano Repertoire

Brahms – 2 Rhapsodies op79, Ballad in G Minor 0p 118

Chopin Studies 10-12 from op 25 set, Ballades nos 2 & 3

Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsodies nos 5 & 12

A Long Wait

I’m still waiting for the editing report on my first novel, a psychological thriller set in the English countryside.   That’s one of the things in trying to get a book published  – you end up spending ages waiting each step of the way.  For me, the waiting is the worst bit.  It feels long and drawn out, and I tend to get impatient and worry about what might happen next.  

In the meantime, without having a definite time frame to work in, I don’t think I can continue with the most recent novel (another psychological thriller set near the Dorset coast), so I’ve made extensive backup copies of the first fourteen chapters and hope to return to the story sometime next year.  I’m working on something entirely different while I wait for the editor’s report – my student days at Dartington College of Arts in Totnes, Devon, where I studied music and classical piano.  

I’m also spending a lot of time at the piano, playing works by Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg and Liszt.

New Online Recording


July 16, 2009: I spent a couple of hours this morning at a friend’s flat, recording the Grieg piano sonata in E minor, along with a couple of Chopin preludes and the Liszt’s fifth Hungarian Rhapsody.  My friend will go through the various tracks and send the files back to me.

After a particularly frustrating afternoon, I’ve finally managed to put six piano pieces on YUDU.   For some reason, the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody got missed out.   For more.

An Online Recording

I spent a couple of hours this morning at a friend’s flat, recording the Grieg piano sonata in E minor, along with a couple of Chopin preludes and the Liszt’s fifth Hungarian Rhapsody. My friend will go through the various tracks and send the files back to me.

Elsewhere, I’m plugging away at my latest writing project and am waiting to hear back from the editor in regards to my first novel.

Hay Fever Season

It’s that time of the year again.  I can’t stop sneezing and my throat keeps tickling from the pollen.   Basically, I’m keeping busy with the music and writing, working on a recital programme of piano works by Liszt and Chopin.  

In regards to the writing…the other day I sent my first novel, a psychological thriller, for professional editing.

Friday’s Concert

The piano recital went well.  I played Grieg’s piano sonata in E minor, four of the preludes from the op 28 set by Chopin, Hungarian Rhapsodies no 5 and 12 by Franz Liszt, Chopin’s “military” polonaise,  Debussy’s Clair de Lune and the arpeggio study in C minor from the final set of Chopin studies.    And I wasn’t even that nervous.