Cold Autumn Collage

I took some photos on Tuesday to take my mind of the novel and made the best into a collage using Google’s Picasa. The following is of Highgate Wood, North London, in the miserable damp.

Computer Down…

My computer is almost down.  The monitor keeps clouding over, and I can’t determine whether hardware or software is causing the problem, as the software itself has created plenty of issues over the past eighteen months.  The other night, I couldn’t get past the BIOS stages, so I’ve reloaded Windows XP and am frantically backing up the most important files to cloud storage, since I lost the files when I reloaded Windows.

Pretty stressful.

Also having problems with the Internet and have lost my favourite photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.  A friend’s given me Photoshop Elements.


Some more photo collages from shortly before the computer crashed.  I took these in Alexandra Palace and Park, North London, and editing them using Picasa.

Alexandra Park, North London Alexandra Park, North London

Still Busy…

Stil busy with manuscript preparations for my novel, but here are  some more of the photo collages I’ve been working on.   At some point soon, I hope to put a photoshoot album together and publish the thing online.  I’ve been using the free photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.  It’s excellent.

Sun Set on a Summer EveningNorth and MidlandsParkland Walk, North LondonTotteridge Village and LakeScenic North LondonQueens Wood, North London


Busy with manuscript preparations on my novel, so I haven’t had much time to post recently. But here are a few of the collages I’ve been working on.  I hope to put a photoshoot album together and publish it online.  I’ve been using the excellent free photo editing software, Google’s Picasa.

A Spring EveningSnow in a north London Village

London Heights


A Picasa Dark Room

I’ve only recently begun experimenting with Picasa photo editing tools, but I’ve built up something of a simplified digital dark room on my computer hard drive.

I took these two photos today in North London’s Alexandra Palace and Park:

Alexandra Park, North London, July 2010Alexandra Palace, North London, July 2010