Nothing Much Happening…

Things are quiet here. Bad weather, lots of people coming down with colds, general lethargy.

Back soon.


A Winter Virus

Finally, I’ve succumbed to a winter virus and have spent the last few days resting at home, sleeping, taking paracetamol and piriton, and coughing away. The weather is miserable, but not too cold. I have a busy week ahead, so am hoping for a speedy recovery.

Till next time.

Bizarre Weather Here In The UK

The sky turned an unusual shade of orange on Monday afternoon, bringing to mind the French word orage (storm). One of my colleagues joked about the apocalypse, but the whole thing felt unsettling.

The following day was humid at times and chilly at other times. I’ve definitely come down with a winter bug and will take Piriton at bedtime.

Snow, At Last

At last, the first sprinkling of snow has come to London and this morning I had to take special care as I walked down the driveway to the main road.  Meanwhile, the weather is generally bleak and cheerless.  Winter. I keep busy with my preparation for the third novel, piano practice and language studies, and brave the weather for exercise when I can.

Hurry up, Spring!

Offline For A Few Days, Summer

Hi, I’m offline for a few days.  The summer heat is intense and the weather an astonishing contrast to the freezing start to the year.  I’ve finished the third draft of my current novel in progress, Silent, and am waiting to hear back.

Spring Weather And Muggy Heat

After a long winter, spring finally came a few weeks ago, but now the skies have turned mostly grey again and the weather has become humid.  I haven’t had much time to concentrate on my photos, but yesterday I caught several images in Highgate Wood, North London, while walking a friend’s dog.  For a long time, I’ve taken an interest in black and white photography. I worked on yesterday’s images in GIMP (Levels, Color Balance, Saturation and Hue), then turned one of the originals into greyscale and concentrated on the contrast.  Heady stuff.

 highgatewoodmay woodsin pringbw

Nice And Hot, Spring Weather

The warm weather continues with plenty of sunshine and daylight.  Again, I took some photos on my way to work yesterday and edited them in GIMP later on in the evening.  As usual, I selected one of the images to go into my black and white photography album, as I have a keen interest in black and white photography. 

(Near Totteridge and Whetstone Tube Station, North London):

railwayone rialwaytwo rialwaytreesbw


The Joys Of Spring

After months of cold and grey skies, the weather has taken a dramatic turn for the better with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. 

Below are some image shots I took on the way to work ( location, Totteridge Village, North London):


treesfour treestwotreesbw

Like always, I couldn’t resist attempts at building up my black and white photography collection, and I edited several of the originals in GIMP, working in greyscale, then going on to use Levels and Contrast/Brightness.




Spring Has Come, Prolific Writing

Spring has finally come a bit later than usual, with warm weather and sun.  And the difference the weather makes.  London streets look cheerful rather than bland and grey. 

I’ve been working on my third novel, a psychological thriller called Silent, and churning out pages of work.  The novel, set in the Lancashire/Yorkshire borders, follows the story of pianist Gavin as he struggles to come to terms with a tragedy that took place five years earlier during his student days at the stately Harlesden Hall.  The Hall had a disturbed past, and during Gavin’s brief stay there as a student, secrets from the past exploded, bringing about a devastating conclusion. 

In the following section of the story, Gavin has returned to the area of Harlesden five years on and finds himself stranded and the target in a murder investigation:

I order another pint, then go out to look for him. Empty lanes. Fields and an evening sky with a setting sun, red like a fire. Towering hills in the distant, cairns, gates. Breeze. You can’t see Harlesden Hall from here, but I stare in the direction of the ruins anyway, scanning the horizon – and as I do, a cold feeling passes through me, a sense that madness and tragedy are about to strike yet again on those grounds.

Meanwhile, my other two novels – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey and EggHead – are available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

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