2016, London CD Recording:


#nowplaying Brahms Rhapsody in B minor op 79 by Lawrence Estrey feat. Brahms, piano, Lawrence estrey via @audiomack https://audiomack.com/song/lawrenceestrey/brahms-rhapsody-in-b-minor-op-79


Check out other videos of my piano playing here.

14 thoughts on “Piano Recordings

  1. So glad i came across lawrence’s beautiful recording. It’s amazing what gems you can come across when you’re surfing the net. Hopefully look forward to seeing him concert hopefully soon.

  2. Playing about looking to see how many visitors there were to the site but not good on the computer.

    Hope you had some input. Have not time to listen to the music again but read some of the story. Where did you learn all that? From me?

  3. Thanks for commenting. There’s been quite a number of direct visitors to the recording site, mainly from the States. Most people I know here in Britain are on their summer holidays.

    As for the story…I guess, intuition. I can create an unfamiliar scenario, then place it in a familiar one.

  4. Excellent Music, You are in fact a genius, recognition is needed, definately youtube that shit!!!!

    PEACE!!!! 😀


  5. Did not get chance to listen again, but got so far, so maybe next time I can get the earphones.

    Keep plodding with the writing.

  6. Managed to hear the long piece of Grieg, time is of the essence in the library.

    Good as always, ;proud of you.

  7. Listened to the Prelude in B Minor. Fantastic! So glad you discovered a way to share your musical talent over the ‘Net.

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