A Touch Of Snow, London 2019

Totteridge Village, North London


The Joys Of Spring

After months of cold and grey skies, the weather has taken a dramatic turn for the better with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. 

Below are some image shots I took on the way to work ( location, Totteridge Village, North London):


treesfour treestwotreesbw

Like always, I couldn’t resist attempts at building up my black and white photography collection, and I edited several of the originals in GIMP, working in greyscale, then going on to use Levels and Contrast/Brightness.




New Year: Mist And Rain



The weather has taken a dramatic dip in the UK and forecasters have warned of impending snow.   Either, it’s freezing, grey and dreary. 

On Thursday, I took these photos on the way to work.  Notice the mist hovering over parts of Totteridge Village.   I edited the images in GIMP, both in colour and black and white.   The above two are the latest in my black and white photography project.