First Steps, A New Paperback

Another writing project nearing completion. I hope to publish My Musical Journey in the spring.

A case of, watch this space.


A New Print-On-Demand Paperback: Memoir

Hi, I’m considering self-publishing a paperback version of some of the posts published on my other site. The project, My Musical Journey, will tell my story as a classical musician in memoir form, touching on some darker subjects like exposure to gangs and close brushes with death. I estimate that this book, roughly 40,000 words, will be available from around spring 2018.

New Opportunity For Writers

I haven’t posted for a while.  Like a lot of people in the UK, I’ve succumbed to a recurrent winter virus – a cross between a lingering cold and ongoing fatigue.  I’ve continued editing my current novel, though, and practising the piano when one is available.

Recently, I heard of a new opportunity for writers – Amazon’s KDP Paperback Print on Demand Service.  I think the service is still in the beta testing stage, but it does sound like promising idea and I believe it is/will be free (printing costs deducted from royalties).

Anyway, something to think about.

My Novel In Paperback On Amazon

My second novel – EggHead by Lawrence Estrey – is now available in paperback on and should soon appear on the and European sites.  Presently, readers can access the e-book version anywhere.

EggHead falls into the categories of Teen Fiction/Young Adult and addresses what happens when a fourteen-year-old boy makes a decision that has widespread consequences.  As a result of his actions, he has to leave home.  Three years on, central character Egghead finds himself in a remote village off the North Sea, estranged from his family and drifting into further danger. 

Like my first novel Secrets, EggHead has a strong element of psychological thriller and is told in the first person. 

Three questions people often ask me:

  • Is EggHead a sequel to Secrets?   No. 
  • Why did you choose EggHead for the title?   To reflect the choice of an adolescent central character.  His mates call him Egghead because his head has an egg-like shape. 
  • Does EggHead have a happy ending.   I wouldn’t like to give the plot away, but I can safely say that the final chapter ties up all loose ends. 

Meanwhile, my first novel, an adult thriller – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available in paperback and as an e-book  from Amazon.  Check out the reviews on the dot co dot uk site.  

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