Another Year, And Some Wisdom

Another year approaches. 2018. The past decade has gone quickly.

What lessons did I learn during 2017? Taking time out at least twice a day to practise breathing exercises. As soon as I neglected the exercises, my stress levels rose and kept on rising.

The exercises should be simple. Slow and easy breathing moving towards a longer exhale. Breath counting. Pursed lips breathing. Ocean breath. Coherent breathing (equal length inhales and exhales) at five or six breaths per minute.

Ease. Regular practice, five to ten minutes, twice a day. People can choose any of the exercises or combine. There are no rules – although people with medical conditions will need to seek advice on contraindications (usually this applies to breath holding or to more energetic breathing techniques not listed above).

Happy 2018.


The Editing Process – Again

I’ve reached that stage again. The final draft. Meticulous editing. Copy and paste. Spotting double full stops. Subtle grammatical errors. The process seems never ending.

I find writing rewarding, but frustrating at times, as errors seem to creep in, almost unnoticed.

I’m working towards a paperback of my life story, focusing on music and the piano. The book – My Musical Journey by Lawrence Estrey – covers a range of topics, including gangs, religion, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Part of the story takes place in Manchester. In the narrative, music and the piano play a pivotal role, creating a distraction from the chaos all around.

You can catch a taster by visiting my sister WordPress site. The book contains additional material.

I hope you will find the story interesting.

A Winter Treat

Winter falls on 21 December, but it has come early this year. High winds. Cold. Grey sky. Plus, London traffic.

This afternoon, I had a mug of lemon ginger tea with a couple of slices of lemon added. I take the drink unsweetened. However, I’ve noticed that the implied sweetness of the lemon, especially when combined with the ginger, can tackle sugar cravings and help with winter malaise.

Till next time.

A New Print-On-Demand Paperback: Memoir

Hi, I’m considering self-publishing a paperback version of some of the posts published on my other site. The project, My Musical Journey, will tell my story as a classical musician in memoir form, touching on some darker subjects like exposure to gangs and close brushes with death. I estimate that this book, roughly 40,000 words, will be available from around spring 2018.

Getting A Bit Too Close To Christmas

Cold, with a biting chill. The UK. I walked down and up the hill this morning, managing not to slip on leaves. Afterwards, I went indoors for coffee, a chat and piano practice. Everywhere is either too hot or too cold. I keep taking off my jumper, then putting it on again when the cold strikes.

Later, I bought Christmas cards – a reminder that the occasion is just weeks away. The seasons go quickly. No more late summer. Spring just a memory of an early heat wave that didn’t last for long. Autumn is nearly over. Soon, another year will have passed.