Take A Risk And Do It Anyway

Fear. Angst. Regret. A famous self-help book makes an interesting point. Although pursuing a dream or aspiration invariably involves fear (sometimes intense), not pursuing the dream brings a different type of angst: regret.

A case of, do it anyway, even if it doesn’t work out.


The Easter Break

Having a bit of a rest and getting my strength back after a recent bout of flu….

A Winter Virus

Finally, I’ve succumbed to a winter virus and have spent the last few days resting at home, sleeping, taking paracetamol and piriton, and coughing away. The weather is miserable, but not too cold. I have a busy week ahead, so am hoping for a speedy recovery.

Till next time.

Bizarre Weather Here In The UK

The sky turned an unusual shade of orange on Monday afternoon, bringing to mind the French word orage (storm). One of my colleagues joked about the apocalypse, but the whole thing felt unsettling.

The following day was humid at times and chilly at other times. I’ve definitely come down with a winter bug and will take Piriton at bedtime.