This beauty came in the post today, courtesy of Amazon.

I’ve spoken German for several years now. In some ways, I find it easier than French. For just over a year, I’ve subscribed to Herr Professor’s free daily podcasts on verb juggling. The guy in charge, Manuel, is an engineer by trade. He’s fluent in Spanish and English (as well as being a native German). For further details, visit:

The podcasts have really helped my speed in spoken German, along with providing a greater understanding of grammar, namely Cases and Pronouns. However, I’d like to develop my listening skills and widen my vocabulary, so I thought I’d order Teach Yourself Complete German by Paul Coggle and and Heiner Schenke, (standard B1-B2). I’ll do both courses together.

I look forward to delving into the new course tomorrow. Till next time!

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