The title sums it up, I hope. The temperature has risen, the heat unrelenting.

I’ve settled into my new flat and have met the new neighbours and various cafe and shop owners. It does truly feel like home.

Recently, I’ve spent my evenings on the computer, writing a social drama that tackles nail biting themes. So far, a small audience have read the material, with overwhelming and positive feedback. At some point, I will need to make a decision about mainstream distribution.

Other than that, the heat has left me tired and lethargic. This Saturday, I will reach my tenth anniversary of giving up smoking – something I thought would never happen.

Till next time.

5 thoughts on “Boiling

  1. My son is moving very far away. I hope he too, makes a smooth transition. I am so happy to hear you are nicely settled in and experiencing success with your writing project. ❤ Continued health and success to you! The weather will soon be cooling down. 🙂

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