Drifting away into a mishmash of dreams:
meadows and orchards
abandoned farmhouses
chickens feeding on sawdust and maize by wired fencing
an August heatwave
petrol cans and parched grass
an old wooden barn in the centre of a field.

Then he is fifteen again
standing on top of the mound by the railway line during another heatwave
watching as one of the local boys stumbles, falling to the bottom of the slope
into the path of a speeding train. 

© Lawrence Estrey 2021    fiction poetry

2 thoughts on “Dreams Of The Past

  1. Well-composed. The last line is a shocker. It reminded me of when my daughter’s high school boyfriend was killed in a hunting accident. That’s not the type of thing you ever forget!

    All the best, Lawrence! ❤

  2. Many thanks, Cheryl. And sorry to hear of your daughter’s old boyfriend’s fatal accident while hunting. Life throws up some frightening surprises.

    I hope you are well, Lawrence

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