The lighthouse stands alone on a bouldered mound.

Waves smash against rocks as the temperature plummets and the sea turns deadly, matching the blackness of the sky.

Lightning. Thunder. A crescendo of waves. A deafening roar as the waves rush forward to pound the rocks in the icy cold.

© Lawrence Estrey 2021     poetry

4 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. Uncertainty is hard to endure. Covid is finally coming down in the US. I hope it is decreasing in England as well. When things return to normal, we can reconstruct our lives. I am looking forward to seeing my children sometime soon. I haven’t seen them since the start of the pandemic. Do you have any plans for what you would like to do? Are churches having in-person services yet? How about live concerts? These types of events are just beginning to open up in some places in the US. Best wishes to you, Cheryl

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