winter, spring, summer, autumn
one day slips into the next
the future uncertain
dreams troubled
an era of technology

time passes almost unnoticed
agitation, unrest, disaster
the world is full of fear
promises broken
a planet out of control
the pandemic halted –
but for how long?

© Lawrence Estrey 2021     poetry

3 thoughts on “Modern Day Woes

  1. Lawrence, this poem captures the unease we have all felt during the pandemic. Right now in Florida, the vaccine/mask debate rages on, children are at risk, the hospitals are full, and we have the highest infection rate in the US!

    Thank you for your lovely poem! ❤ Take care!

  2. Thanks very much, Cheryl.

    But how terrible that so many are ill and that others won’t take sensible precautions. And I fear the same will happen in the UK this autumn/winter.

    Best wishes, and take care,


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