The hiker crosses a field
treading along the grass
grass as parched as hay
sunlight pouring down his face
stinging his eyes

Could life have been perfect just six weeks ago?
hope blossoming along with the spring?
evenings full of promise as they’d sat at the picnic table in their garden
eating Mediterranean salad and drinking wine?

The hiker reaches the foot of a stile
and nearly stumbles
the afternoon sun scorching and unforgiving
accusing him
– along with his silent self 

© Lawrence Estrey 2021     poetry

2 thoughts on “He Lost It All

  1. A very enigmatic poem. One wonders if hiking is not his the cup of tea, and he wishes he had stayed in his garden sipping wine. Or maybe it is just that the weather has gotten uncomfortably hot and dry. What is Mediterranean salad? Sounds healthy. ❤ I enjoy your poems, Lawrence. Have a great week coming up!

  2. That’s very kind, Cheryl.
    As for the man….it’s a sort of psychological drama, he’s messed up somehow and lost what now seems an idyllic life just six weeks earlier.

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