Mindfulness. A word I hear often. The internet contains many articles on mindfulness, along with other topics such as meditation, relaxation, abdominal breathing, etc.

According to a growing number of researchers, mindful awareness yields benefits, both physically and psychologically, and I can see the logic in taking time out in the day to root oneself in the present.

I started doing The Body Scan with Pulse Awareness recently, and I feel it’s simple but deceptively powerful.

The regular practice of mindful awareness helps a person cultivate their choice of thought patterns.

I do it after breathing practice in the morning, in order to extend the relaxation effects of the practice.


An easy medication that doesn’t take long or require an audio track;
Keeps the person rooted in the present and in their body.

The Scan

First, I concentrate on breathing practice, slow and calm exhales to lengthen the breath.

Then, after about ten or fifteen minutes, I begin the scan.

I sit up for the scan, but other people may need to lie down. The scan involves bringing awareness to all the pulses in the body, one by one, starting with the pulses in the toes and feet.

The ankles follow, then the knees. Stomach and leg junctions. Chest. Throat. Fingers. Elbows and arms. Lips. Temples.

I would recommend no more than fifteen seconds on each part of the body.

Finally, expand awareness to incorporate a sensation of all the pulses simultaneously for ten to fifteen seconds.

Take a few more slow breaths, then go about the day.

Just a few of my thoughts.


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