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Brahms Hungarian Dance no 1 for Piano: http://youtu.be/cGMVB3MQBsA 

I am the soloist.

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Hi all,

My new website is now live and viewers can listen to piano tracks direct from the site.

Thanks (or cheers, as we say in England).

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Am Now On Twitter 

You can follow me at Lawrence Estrey@LawrenceEstrey. 

Or on Facebook. 

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For years, I had no interest in yoga.

Then, around four and a half years ago, I gave up smoking.  Shortly after, I heard about abdominal breathing and practised it on and off.

More recently, I learnt about Coherent Breathing, a breathing technique that centres around a person taking equal breaths (inhale, exhale) at around 6 or 5 breaths a minute, ideally 5. About a month later, I started Resistance Breathing (sometimes known as Ocean Breath).

Finally, three weeks ago, I began practising simple yoga moves.

Three weeks on, I’ve noticed a substantial improvement in lower back stiffness, left shoulder stiffness and a throbbing Achilles Tendon.


I look forward to learning new postures and movements and seeing further improvements in health.








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