A common scenario. A writer works on a manuscript.  The writer accepts constructive criticism and revises sections of the story. The writer finally accepts that the manuscript is ready to submit to an agent or publisher, and other people agree. An agent or editor either likes the story or thinks it has potential and suggests changes. Develop this theme. Develop that character.  More of this, or less of that. The revision goes on.  When does one finally stop?

I don’t know. No one would have published anything unless they’d persevered against the odds, but the disappointments can be crushing at times. Also, the more a person edits, the more readjustments they need to make. Other sections in the writing may lose their original meaning and immediacy as a result of the revision.

So I suppose it’s a question of balance.  Do the necessary work, but don’t deviate from the true story that you – the writer – wish to convey.

Just a few of my thoughts.



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