Another Fortnight, So Much To Do…

Yes, definitely feeling the pressure. A couple of weeks have gone by since I last posted an article here, and I’ve found little time to keep up the blog. At present, I’m focusing on my music career, learning several languages, and reworking a novel, a psychological thriller – i.e. trying to balance a tightly controlled narrative (action) with events occurring solely in the character’s mind (paranoia angle). Pretty difficult.

Hope to be back soon.


Too Busy For Anything – Well, Not Quite

I haven’t posted for a while.  The Internet connection played up.  Plus, there were other reasons, some personal.  Also, I have a busy schedule learning four languages, writing/editing a novel, and polishing up advanced piano repertoire.

And my work of course.

Perhaps the chief reason for the reduced blog articles is, I’ve kept this site running for seven years ago and have reached the point where I don’t know what else to say.  No doubt, I will continue blogging and think of new views to express.

Happy Blogging!