Writing Fiction: A Mundane Task?

I would never describe creative writing as mundane, as if something’s mundane, it can’t possibly be creative.  The word task doesn’t feel right either. However, a larger creative writing project, like a novel, requires a great deal of revision and pruning, and these processes sometimes become tiring and mundane.

I’m at the polishing stage in my current novel, a psychological thriller. Making minor adjustments. Removing redundancies. Making sure dialogue remains true to the character viewpoint.  At times, I miss the simplicity of story telling – i.e. writing a piece from scratch and seeing where the writing takes me.  Maybe, at some point in the future, I will get the chance to start a new novel.

In the meantime, till next time.




Near Freezing,And Ploughing On With The Novel

The temperature has dropped here in the UK.  After a couple of months of mild weather, the tide has turned, bringing with it a biting chill. The sunshine remains, though.

I’m in the second part of the polishing process of my novel, double checking ideas to make sure they are all consistent.  This involves reading every line of the manuscript and forcing myself to concentrate.  Quite difficult at times.

My New Year resolutions are a continuation of the previous – which I managed to stick to for the most part.  Piano practice with a view to bringing out a CD of my own playing.  Daily exercise (I’ve become almost obsessed with working out at home).  Producing a professional novel manuscript.  And, of course, my language studies (French, German, Russian and Italian).

Just a few of my musings.