Another YouTube Video – Liebestraum by Liszt

I have uploaded another video of my piano playing, this time of Liebestraum 3 by Liszt.  That makes eighteen videos in all.


At Last – A CD Recording Of Piano Music

After much worry about all that could go wrong, I finally put a blank CD in the computer and copied the audio tracks to make a recording that people can listen to on stereo systems and car radios. It took a bit of fiddling with; the master copy ended up with a duplicate track and I had to make a new playlist.

Anyhow, I have several copies of a recording of classical piano music, each work played by myself.  The pieces include Clair De Lune by Debussy, the Grieg piano sonata (complete), the famous Raindrop Prelude by Chopin, Liebestraum by Liszt, Revolutionary Etude by Chopin, plus lots more.  I feel quite pleased with myself, I suppose, although the perfectionist in me wants to scream in frustration when I detect subtle errors that the average person might miss.

The disc last just over an hour, and I have to decide what to do next.  How to present or market it.  Art cover work. A brief bio.  In many ways, the playing of the repertoire is just the beginning and the real work starts here.

Difficulties Maintaining A Blog Over Several Years, Plus Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude

I’ve come to that stage after six years of blogging. Days pass, then a week or so, and I still haven’t blogged.  Increasingly, I’m finding it almost impossible to know what to blog about.  Some people say, just blog about how you feel – but that can get boring, right?

This year, I’ve concentrated on music, writing and languages, and have had less time to blog.  I’ve done several classical piano recordings and now have over an hour of so-called air time. I like to think of these as professional recordings, but in actual fact they’re semi-professional. At present, I’m working on the next step: distributing the music.  YouTube?  SoundCloud?  These are fine, but at some point, I need to make an actual physical disc of the music and get it out there.

For now, here is my rendition of Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude.