I got a new laptop at the weekend and went home, eager to get everything running well. I’ve always considered myself a bit of an expert with PC troubleshooting, but nothing could have prepared me for the new Windows interface. I found it completely baffling in every way.

Worse, I couldn’t get Office installed because of no internet connection and I had to use my Android Tablet as a tethering point the following day to activate Office and activate the current version of Windows.

I also installed Total Security 360 and did a full hour and ten minute scan yesterday.

The problems began shortly after that. The security programs went into wild mode.  They would let me connect to MSN, but kept denying access to all browser activity, including WiFi.

Eventually, I switched off the PC in a rage and tried again.  Same problem, although I could access one of the Wifi pages at least. This morning, I tried again from a café, and then again from a library.

I am now connected.


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