Out Of Action Again, Dislocated Knee!

I flopped down on the bed on Friday afternoon to finish reading a book and suddenly my right leg twisted, I heard a snap or bang, the knee went into a spasm and I felt a sharp pain. The knee locked and I ended up ringing a medical friend who came round to look at it a couple of hours later.  I can walk on it, but the joint feels sore. My GP’s given me codeine, but I don’t think I want to take this.

So out of action again for a while.


Windows 8.1, Very Frustrating Experience

I got a new laptop at the weekend and went home, eager to get everything running well. I’ve always considered myself a bit of an expert with PC troubleshooting, but nothing could have prepared me for the new Windows interface. I found it completely baffling in every way.

Worse, I couldn’t get Office installed because of no internet connection and I had to use my Android Tablet as a tethering point the following day to activate Office and activate the current version of Windows.

I also installed Total Security 360 and did a full hour and ten minute scan yesterday.

The problems began shortly after that. The security programs went into wild mode.  They would let me connect to MSN, but kept denying access to all browser activity, including WiFi.

Eventually, I switched off the PC in a rage and tried again.  Same problem, although I could access one of the Wifi pages at least. This morning, I tried again from a café, and then again from a library.

I am now connected.

Storytelling: Building Upon A Structure

The writer’s job seems never ending.  There is always room for improvement, a reason for cutting a particular section that adds nothing to a story, an opportunity for taking a scene further.

I’ve recently completed another draft of my novel. I took editorial advice and implemented most of the changes suggested, then went through the manuscript to tie up the loose ends, and I have to admit that ruthless editing has its own problems.  The story improves, but sometimes leftovers from previous drafts clash with the new structure, creating a sense of cut and paste.  The new edit then requires another edit to polish the story, and then probably another to catch it from a fresh angle.  And then an agent or editor in a publishing house might suggest another edit or two.

Goes on and on.