By this, I don’t mean a combination of books and cuisine, but rather the job the writer has of drawing out greater flavour in their writing.  Forget culinary delights. Writing a novel is difficult. Many plots, many characters, the question of past and present (if applicable), the alternation of viewpoints. How does the writer weigh up the various issues, add them together, then balance them out (the ingredients) in a satisfying manner?

Obviously, the answer varies from writer to writer. The writer has to believe in their work, to have a strong sense of what they wish to convey. Pruning plays a crucial roles, trimming the unnecessary parts of the writing to bring out greater clarity. However, letting the narrative develop and take shape plays an equal role. The immediacy and psychological build up in the story. I also think that brain storming helps, jotting down ideas, then letting the thoughts take shape. Writers don’t need novel writing software. They just need to let their imagination do the work, then find ways of structuring the work.

Just a few of my thoughts.


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