Piano Recording and Videos

This year, I aim to make a professional (or semi pro) recording of my piano playing.  I’ve already done a couple of attempts and so far I’ve recorded Brahms Rhapsody op 79, the Ballade in G minor from the opus 118 set by Brahms, two Chopin studies and the Chopin fourth Ballade (incredibly difficult).

Here is the YouTube clip of Chopin’s study in A-flat, op25, no 1, otherwise known as the “Harp Study”:


An Artist’s Life

An Artist’s Life by Strauss.  My blog post isn’t so grand as the famous Viennese waltz, bur rather a brief recap of the life of an artist during the last couple of weeks.  I finished one writing project the other day and have sent out another to an editor, so it’s back to waiting.  I’m also working towards a piano recording of works by Brahms and Chopin and am enjoying learning four languages.  Four may sound a lot, but I have a particular study method involving listening and repetition as opposed to attempting to memorise long lists of vocabulary and complex grammatical rules.  On top of everything else, I’ve thought a lot about photography recently, aware that I haven’t taken any serious shots for a while.  I need to buy a new camera.