Snow, At Last

At last, the first sprinkling of snow has come to London and this morning I had to take special care as I walked down the driveway to the main road.  Meanwhile, the weather is generally bleak and cheerless.  Winter. I keep busy with my preparation for the third novel, piano practice and language studies, and brave the weather for exercise when I can.

Hurry up, Spring!


Icy Chill, Winter And New Year Resolutions

After several weeks of mild weather, a sharp winter has come, making the air truly chilly.  My hands are cold. Two and a half years have passed since I smoked a cigarette.  I’ve stuck to my more recent New Year resolutions as much as I can, continuing the piano practice and language studies and studying the market for my third novel, but the prospect of taking brisk power walks up the north London hills in this weather doesn’t appeal to me and I can’t wait for the weather to improve so that I can resume the walks.  Meanwhile, I hope to send the third novel narrative to an editor in the next couple of months to get a professional opinion.

Come back, Warm Weather!

My New Year Resolutions…

  • Do a professional recording (or near enough) of my piano playing. Works under consideration include:  the 2 Brahms Rhapsodies op 79, Liszt’s 12th Hungarian Rhapsody, Chopin’s 4th Ballade, and any four of the Chopin Etudes, including the final arpeggio study in C minor. In the past, I’ve done several online recordings and released the tracks on, but I would like to try a recording studio this time.

  • Seek editorial advice regarding my third novel, YA/teen fiction.

  • Continue my three language studies: French, German, Russian.

  • Exercise daily by brisk walking and/or hill walking.  (North London is built on steep hills!)

Just a few of my thoughts.