Finally, frost has arrived on the pavements of north London and the temperature has fallen even further.  My present work as an accompanist pianist has stopped for the Christmas break, leaving me with lots of time to write.

One topic that fascinates me is the writer’s struggle to mark out the central character’s thoughts, actions and motives whilst allowing that character complete free will.  I suppose this dichotomy would exist in Theology too – but that is neither here nor there.  In terms of creative writing and fiction, the author must create a character that is independent from the author.  Yet, the author has complete control over the character’s life.  A balance that poises difficulty.

How can a writer give back free will to their characters, especially those main characters like protagonist and antagonist?

Some ideas:

  • Look inward when sifting through the character details and outward when plotting the story structure of events.  Concentrate on projection, not introversion.
  • Following on from that, modify story questions so that they’re not so personal.
  • Let themes and ideas develop, as if they were coming directly from the character rather than the author.
  • Include scenes and monologues that differ from your own.

Just a few of my thoughts.



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