I’m about two-thirds of the way through my latest novel, a psychological thriller aimed at teenager and young adults. 

Following an incident with the police in London, central character Gavin (17) goes to stay in a remote coastal town in Lancashire where he continues his studies.  Early on, he falls for a girl on the course and drifts into trouble with the local kids.  In this section of the novel, Gavin finds it increasingly difficult to cope:

‘Gross,’ Steve called over to him. ‘You’d better clear that up, mate, or I’ll smash your face in.’

‘Leave him alone,’ Philippa called back. ‘He’s ill, can’t you see?’

‘You can shut up too,’ he said to Philippa. 

‘And you,’ he added to me.

The rap stopped.  A tense silence fell.

The hoodie girl glared at me. ‘Hey,’ she yelled. ‘What’re you staring at?’ 


Meanwhile, my debut novel Secrets by Lawrence Estrey is available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

Check out the reviews for  Secrets.

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Local musician publishes crime thriller

EggHead by Lawrence Estrey: Questions And Answers


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