I’m halfway through a new novel, aimed at the Young Adult market.  The novel, a psychological thriller, uses time frames.  The first time frame covers the story of a group of music students who meet at a Summer School for the first time. The central character Gavin (17)  becomes involved with one of the students, but the relationship ends in tragedy.  Two years on, Gavin (now 19)  is drawn back into danger (present time frame).  Much of the story appears in the past time frame, but the present time frame frame plays a significant amount as well

Still in captivity, in this dark, damp place, drugged up from the chloroform.  I don’t know where the bloke with the baseball cap has gone…just that I’ve begun to accept the fact that I’m probably never going to get out of here alive, and that’s really crap because I’m only nineteen and nowhere near ready to die, but I don’t see any way of escaping, especially when the bloke’s tied me up. I just hope Lucy makes it. She deserves to. Maybe I don’t.


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