I’m working on a third novel, a psychological thriller aimed at teenagers and Young Adults, and I’m keep to increase the psychological immediacy and chill factor.  The story has two viewpoints – first person narrative told through central character Gavin (17) and third person narrative (Lucy, also 17).  In this point of the novel, Lucy has returned to the place where a fire occurred a decade earlier (an unsolved crime), and she wishes to find the answers but suspects that someone is following her:

She reached the country lane leading back to Lyme House.

Bookstore.  Delicatessen with umbrella-like covering.  The smell of grass and sun. 

Stillness, evoking memories of childhood.  A childhood that had shattered when she moved here.   Recollections of bursting rivers and muddy banks and the smells of pine and bonfires.  Wooded hills.  Wild stretches of heathland. A warm shore.

She stopped suddenly. 

The sense of someone watching again.  Just like yesterday afternoon in the fields.

Village church.   Village green.

Subtle sounds in the lane.

Fifteen minutes to go before she reached the private driveway leading to Lyme House.

She hurried on, glancing over her shoulders each time the sense got stronger.


But something still didn’t seem right.

Instinct kicking in. She broke into a sprint.

Danger, danger, danger.

Flames. Smoke. The smoke settling like a fog, pushing its way down her throat and nose, choking her.

Footsteps again. Snapping branches. Like yesterday afternoon.

Movement, obscured by the afternoon sunshine.

A figure standing by a tree, watching her.

The next second, the figure was no longer there and only shafts of sunlight remained, like a silvery mist.

A car appeared then.   


Meanwhile, my debut novel Secrets by Lawrence Estrey is available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

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