Author Interview, Lawrence Estrey

I had an author interview/launch on Saturday at St James Church in Muswell Hill, North London, N10.

About forty people attended the event, I sold/signed copies of my two novels afterwards.

Having trained in classical music and concert performance, I also played the piano in between the main sections of the interview, and people afterwards commented on how well the music had blended in.

Towards the end of the interview, the audience asked questions.  Two things came up: a) queries as to whether the second novel, EggHead, was a sequel to the first, and b) suggestions that the first novel, Secrets, could/would make a good film.

During the interview, I read extracts from the two novels too.

In all, an enjoyable, rewarding morning.

Lawrence's Two Novels 2013-11-23 10.33.13


Forthcoming Author Book Launch

I’m set to do an author interview and book launch for my two novels, Secrets and EggHead, on Saturday, November 23 at St James’ Church in Muswell Hill, North London.  The novels fall under the crime fiction/psychological thriller genres (definitely not police procedural), and I wrote my second novel EggHead for teenagers and Young Adults. I’ll be discussing the key themes in my work, along with my musical background and the years spent as a recital pianist.  

Admission free.