Pretty much out of action still after a dental extraction that resulted in an allergic reaction, but here goes.  My novel in progress, a psychological thriller for teenagers and Young Adults.

She took cover in a brick shelter for a while, then braved it and sprinted the remainder of the way, down the shore path and up the steps to the promenade, aware that she looked a mess.

The walkway was slippery from rain, sand and mud. A large group of teenagers in hoodies stood outside the amusement arcade, smoking, shouting, laughing. She kept her eyes on the floor when she passed, conscious of their collective gaze. She ignored the sniggers and half-whispered comments, telling herself that they were stupid: at least she’d done exceptionally well at school and she had plenty of friends at Sixth Form – certainly enough friends to cover for her while she was here. She waited alone by the railings near the end of the pier, eyes fixed on the sea and the Grand Theatre further along, planning on what to say for when she confronted him.


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