I haven’t been around much recently.  I took a break from writing at the beginning of the summer and have concentrated on other things. 

A couple of weeks ago, I received a professional critique of my current novel in progress, Silent, and I’ve started the process of breaking down chapters, key characters and choices of themes.

For instance, the location.  In the original draft, I set the story in an old Hall (presumably haunted) in the middle of rugged countryside. Apparently, this doesn’t work well in Young Adult fiction; a setting by the sea might work better.

Also, the story centres around a group of music students, all classically trained pianists – personal, since I studied classical piano performance at post grad level and wanted to bring some of my own musical experiences to life.  Again, this doesn’t work well in YA fiction.  Too technical and readers might not relate to the various descriptions of musical works.  

Finally, the back story needs narrowing down and making more relevent to the type of readership.

But the report included many positive observations and I’m enjoying the restructure.


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