The summer has arrived with scorching temperatures, a welcome contrast to earlier in the year, and I’ve completed the third draft of my latest novel, Silent, a novel for Young Adults (YA).  I will now take a break from the novel and seek independent advice on what to do next.

In Silent, a psychological thriller, five music students come together for a week of piano workshops at Harlesden Hall, a stately estate on the Yorkshire/Lancashire borders, but relations between the five soon get complicated. Central character Gavin (18) suspects that something sinister is going on in the surrounding countryside and he soon finds himself targeted by an unseen stalker. 

At the opening of the novel, five years on, Gavin returns to the area for answers:

I continue on, taking in the air in the hope of catching a scent from those student days of five years ago. A rhythm, the hint of a voice or laughter. Perfume. Her perfume. But I catch only the silence of the fields and the river and the bleakness all around me, the traces of memories and regrets. The overwhelming scent of manure in the air. Thundery clouds reflected in the surface of the river. The silence that is rarely calm.


Meanwhile, my debut novel Secrets by Lawrence Estrey is available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

Check out the reviews for  Secrets.

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Local musician publishes crime thriller

EggHead by Lawrence Estrey: Questions And Answers


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