Easter came and went with frost and chills.  Now, the weather has got warmer, but the grey skies continue, along with rain and gloom.

Meanwhile, I’ve written 50,000 words of my new novel, Silent, a psychological thriller set on the Yorkshire/Lancashire borders, featuring a group of young pianists who have come together for a week of piano workshops.  In Silent, central character Gavin falls for one of the other students on the course, Philippa, a Goth from Kent, but their relationship becomes obsessive and destructive, leading to disaster…  As a classically trained pianist myself, I feel particularly qualified to write this story.

In the following sample, central character Gavin has started to struggle with his surroundings:

Sitting up in bed, I remembered other stuff from yesterday evening. Shadows and footsteps. A man smoking a cigarette by the fountain behind the practice Cells. Watching in the narrow semi-lit corridor. And then, that awful place by the river with its chilling atmosphere.     

Meanwhile, my other two novels – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey and EggHead – are available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

Check out the reviews for my debut novel Secrets.

Newspaper article on author.

Local musician publishes crime thriller


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