Freeze and snow and sharp winds reminiscent of a supermarket freezer.  I have limited access to the internet this week, but basically, I’m working on a third novel, a psychological thriller, about a group of music students bought together in the north of England.  In the following excerpt, central character Gavin returns to the scene of a crime five years after he first met the other students:

I stop by the abandoned factories and mills, remembering the night of that party five years ago…how it ended…what it led to…the guilt that has followed me everywhere since then.  The crumbling buildings stand in a line, damp-looking and reddish-brown, with boarded up windows. They’re surrounded by broken fences and gravel and rubble and rust.

Meanwhile, my other two novels – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey and EggHead – are available from Amazon in paperback and e-book. 

Check out the reviews for my debut novel Secrets.

Newspaper article on author.

Local musician publishes crime thriller


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