Hi, things are pretty hectic here and the internet connection dismal as usual, so I’m not able to post much in the buildup to Christmas. 

In the meantime, both my novels (Secrets by Lawrence Estrey, EggHead by Lawrence Estrey) are selling on Amazon and I’m working on a psychological thriller set near the Dorset coast, involving a group of music students living in a shared house. 

Here a couple of samples for the new novel Silent:

I hadn’t seen my room yet, so I went up with the bag and laptop, then returned for the cello, steering the instrument round the staircase to the first floor where my bedroom was positioned in between Philippa’s and the bathroom.  On my way up to my room, the stairs kept on creaking, causing me to think of that Humpty-Dumpty rhyme, and for a moment I had the distinct impression that someone was standing at the bottom of the stairs, watching me.  It sent a shiver through me, so much so that I stopped what I was doing, turned and glanced down the stairs – but of course, no one was there.  The house felt unusually cold. Icy almost, as if someone had left the side door open, although I remembered seeing the door shut when I’d passed through the hallway just then. I shivered and thought of the house and its history and the fact that people had died on these grounds. Sick.  

…Philippa’s parents had returned with the cleaning materials and left again, this time for their home in Kent, but I’d slept through it. In the bathroom, I splashed water on my cheeks and brushed my teeth, aware once again of that sense of being watched. It was creepy, but completely illogical, and I returned to my room and put on an extra jumper to ward of the chill. Propping the cello by the bedroom wall, I locked the door and made my way downstairs to the kitchen where Philippa, Paul and a girl in denims were sitting round the table, drinking tea, eating cake.


Check out the reviews for my debut novel Secrets.




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