I’ve just sent the details of my new novel off for publication through a Print on Demand site and waiting to see what the book will look like.  It seems like ages since I did this with my first novel, but it was in fact just over a year ago:

Finally, I’ve self-published Secrets, a psychological thriller, and am waiting for the first paperback copy to arrive at my flat, Print On Demand.

In Secrets, central character Alan, a succesful web designer, is forced to confront his past after his wife leaves him.  But the answers he searches for aren’t necessarily the ones he wants to hear, and each step of the search brings Alan closer to danger.

In the meantime, Secrets is available as an e-book for Kindle.

Twelve months have passed, and I’ve worked on several projects, including an autobiography of my years growing up in Manchester/Lancashire. 

In my latest novel EggHead, the fourteen-year-old protagonist’s life is disrupted when a stranger enters his family circle.  The stranger automatically senses the boy’s dislike of him, leading to a series of mind games that veer out of control.  As a result of his actions, the boy has to move away, and about half of the story follows his progress three years later when he is living alone in a bed and breakfast room in a remote coastal village off the North Sea.   Part of the book is set in Manchester.

Like before, EggHead falls into the crime/psychological thriller genres.   People can order EggHead as an e-book by visiting the Amazon page.  Hopefully, the paperback version will be available soon.

Meanwhile, my first novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available in both forms from Amazon.

Sample Chapters

Newspaper article on author.

Local musician publishes crime thriller

Happy reading!


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