I’ve self-published my second novel on Amazon and am examining ways of releasing the same work in paperback layout, hopefully available within the next month or so.

EggHead falls into the Teen Fiction/Young Adults genres and crosses over into mainstream fiction.  In the novel, the main character, fourteen-year-old Wayne, (known to his friends as Egghead), finds his life disrupted when his mother invites her new boyfriend into the home.  Subtle mind games follow, leading to huge repercussions when Wayne takes drastic measures to deal with the problem…   

Like my debut novel Secrets, EggHead is part psychological thriller.  It explores themes of social isolation (exclusion) and PTSD, alongside an exciting crime backdrop and close ties of friendship. 

To order EggHead as an e-book, please visit the Amazon page.

Meanwhile, my first novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available from Amazon (paperback, e-book).      

Sample Chapters

Newspaper article on author.

Local musician publishes crime thriller


3 thoughts on “Self-Published e-Book on Amazon: EggHead by Lawrence Estrey

  1. Congratulations! After your concerns about editing and revision, it’s good to see that you made it through to the end. You might want to check Lulu or CreateSpace for paperback versions. Best of luck.

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