Initially, I didn’t want to blog about smoking cessation, as my blog concerns itself with the creative and performing arts – namely, writing, music and photography.  However, after more than two decades of heavy smoking, I had my last cigarette thirteen weeks ago and have not touched one since.  Therefore, I felt I should include a few notes about this in the blog. 

Just over three months ago, my local GP surgery arranged for me to go on a twelve week programme that included prescriptions for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and weekly carbon monoxide testing, and I supplemented the programme at home by using various Mindfulness meditations and diaphragmatic breathing exercises.  As a result of the combined efforts, my true lung age has already dropped by twelve years in a three-month period and my lung function is now considered normal.   I’m enjoying the benefits and the various meditation/breathing techniques and don’t really miss smoking at all, although I’m still using low doses of the Nicorette Inhalator.  I’ve also saved a fair bit of cash during those three months, and my asthma has stabilised with little need for medication and my blood pressure levels have dropped steadily. 

In all, pretty good news.


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