I’ve just completed the advanced proofread for my second novel EggHead, a crime thriller featuring an adolescent boy who goes by the nickname of Egghead.  In the first part of the story, the fourteen-year-old Egghead resorts to drastic measures to tackle a bullying vendetta.  His actions backfire and he has to leave home.  In the second part of the story, Egghead, now seventeen, struggles to rebuild his life in a secluded village off the North Sea, but his past soon comes back to haunt him, leaving him isolated and in danger….

My heart nearly stops when I see the elaborate blue handwriting on the envelope, fountain pen style.  The writing doesn’t belong to Uncle Graham or Mum or Grandpa or anyone else I remember. No one I know uses a fountain pen, just Biro. No one should have this address, only Uncle Graham and Belinda. Official mail always looks official, not personal like this letter.  Should I open it or not? Supposing it explodes in my face, blinding, scarring me. 

I tear the envelope open.

A newspaper cutting falls out.

An obituary. 

Best wishes, kid, someone has written. 

Meanwhile, my first novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available from Amazon (paperback, e-book).   Genre: psychological thriller.   

Newspaper article on author.


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