I’m in the proof reading stage of my new novel EggHead, a teenage crime thriller featuring central character Wayne who has to leave home at the age of fourteen following a bullying campaign.  Now aged seventeen, the character struggles to come to terms with life on a remote North Sea village, miles away from anyone he knows.   And once again, his past revisits him….

In the following section, the fourteen-year-old boy begins to suspect that something isn’t quite right….

Footsteps. Two lots this time. 

I throw a glance over my shoulder. 

A figure ducks out of sight.

I tear down the side alleyway that connects with the mews and leg it up the outside rear steps, nearly slipping on clunks of damp concrete. I can still hear the footsteps, even now. Someone, or a couple of people, must be in the side alleyway, following me back.  Digging in my pockets, I find the key and thrust it in the lock. Forcing the key round, I open the door, dash into the hallway and bang the door shut. 

‘That you, Wayne?’ Simon calls.

I tiptoe through to my bedroom in the dark.  Perching low, I creep towards the bedroom window and look out. There are no signs of movement outside, no one standing by the foot of the steps, no one on the steps, nothing suspicious – only an empty mews with storage lock ups by the rear wall used by the shop owners on the ground floor. But just as I turn, I catch another flicker of movement down near the lock ups, like a wiry shape deftly moving out of sight and blending into the shadowy darkness. Then my mobile rings and Private Caller flashes up on the screen, but no one speaks. 

 ‘Oi, Wayne,’ Simon shouts from the kitchen.  ‘You got a voice or what?’

Meanwhile, my first novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available from Amazon (paperback, e-book).   Genre: psychological thriller.   

Newspaper article on author.   



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