Summer Shots: The Heat

I’ve recently finished the third draft of my new novel EggHead and am spending some time away from it, working on my photography.   I took these shots yesterday in Highgate Wood, North London, and edited them in Photoshop:



Meanwhile, my debut novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available as a paperback and in e-book (Kindle)  from Amazon



The Middle Of Summer: Photos

The weather has shot up again.  Yesterday, I took some photos in a garden attached to Chester House in Muswell Hill, North London.


Improving Old Shots (Photoshop)

My latest batch of photographs got ruined due to poor lighting, extra slow shutter speed and resulting camera shake, so I thought I would continue experimenting with Photoshop and improving old shots. 

Photo One: Monken Hadley (Barnet), Photo Two: Muswell Hill, North London:


New To Photoshop

After months of using Photoshop Elements and GIMP, I finally have access to Photoshop.   It’s sort of complicated in some ways but familiar in others.   Below are some poorer shots I’ve taken over the years; I’ve used Photoshop to bring out of the atmosphere in each.   Locations, Queen’s Wood and Highgate Wood, Muswell Hill, & Alexandra Park.