I finished the first draft of my second novel EggHead, a crime thriller set both  in Manchester and the North East coast and I am relatively happy with the first half of the story but not the second.  In EggHead, central character Wayne (17) is forced to rebuild his life in a remote village off the coastal after taking drastic measures to deal with a bullying situation.

The following takes place towards the end of the novel:

The car starts to slow its pace, weaving down a trail with bumps in the ground and turns, twisting and scraping against hedges and bushes while sleet and rain splatter outside and the night wind wails like a banshee caught up in a cycle of distress.  I remain perched on the floor in the back, body racked with discomfort, but I don’t see a thing.  I only sense the trail, a deserted path in the middle of nowhere, hidden by trees, a path leading to nowhere.  For a minute or two, the vehicle seems to hover.   The Ghost sits in silence, his gun fixed on me.  The blokes in the front light cigarettes and flick ash out of the windows, letting in freezing night air.   

The engine dies.  ‘Time to go,’ The Ghost says. 

Meanwhile, my debut novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available on Amazon.    Reviews


8 thoughts on “Finished First Draft Of EggHead

  1. Congratulations on finishing your draft! That passage makes it sound interesting. =D I suppose now the editing begins, yes?

  2. This is a great line.

    “The blokes in the front light cigarettes and flick ash out of the windows, letting in freezing night air.”

    Everyone has seen that happen, so it automatically flashes in my mind, pulling me into the story.

    Wonderful writing!

  3. Glad you have got to the last stage and its exciting reading, hopefully you will not have to much to edit to spoil the plot.

  4. Hi. Great site. I’m new to wordpress and am just looking around for fellow crime authors. I noticed you used feedaread for your first novel. How did you find the experience, esp. re the POD side? I’m in the process of querying my first novel — trying to decide whether to pursue trad. or self publishing…

    Good luck with your second draft! I’m trying to work on my second novel as well but it’s hard to focus when the first one is still kicking around!


  5. Hii Shane, thanks and congratulations on getting your first novel done. I think feedaread is the best option for POD in this country, easy to set up, etc, etc, but it’s probably worth contacting a few agents/publishers first. Hope all goes well with that novel and the one you’re currently working on, Lawrence

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