Some new shots I took the other afternoon on my way to work.   I edited them in GIMP.

Totteridge, North London.



6 thoughts on “New PhotoShots: Totteridge

  1. So beautiful! I can see so much in these (2) pictures. Do you know the name of those white flowers?
    The way the land rolls upward into the sky it feels so open with movement and slightly ominous – what lies beyond the hill?
    I am here, just a bit weak. I hope you are doing well. Congratulations on your novel ‘Secrets’!

  2. Thanks, Gerardine. Not sure what the flowers are, I tried to draw less attention to them. Behind the hill…just some open space and houses…
    Hope your writing’s going well, Lawrence

  3. Thanks, H.B. The place is right near where I work as a session musician….like being in the countryside, plus not far from the centre of London.

    Hope all is well with your writing.

  4. gorgeous picture. The white flowers look like wild yarrow or meadowsweet, Keep up with these exquisite shots.

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