Experiencing some difficulties here with my latest novel EggHead, a crime thriller.  In the original version, the 12-year-old protagonist takes drastic action to deal with bullying and suffers the consequences.   Aged 19, he struggles to rebuild his life in a bleak northern village.  I don’t see anything wrong the general premise.  However, basing a story on increasing feelings of isolation and pointlessness means there’s nowhere to go…no excitement, no development of relationships, just bleakness.   It is certainly depressing for me, the author.

I’m redrafting the sections told through the 19-year-old’s viewpoint and continuing in a new 14-year-old perspective to allow the entire drama to unfold in a single time frame.  For instance, boy runs away from the bullying and finds kindness in a remote sea bay.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, my debut novel – Secrets by Lawrence Estrey – is available on Amazon.    Reviews


2 thoughts on “A Knotty Problem

  1. something I’m amazed at always is the metamorphosis of the the novel. From it’s beginning to final product, what changes ensure! I hope you’re happy with the new direction.

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